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  • 10 Jun, 2019

Best & Easy Way To Learn Quran

Quran is the celebrated religious content of Islam and its significance for Muslims can’t be portrayed. Muslims trust that Quran is verbally uncovered by...

  • 27 Jun, 2019

How Islam Is A Complete Code Of Life

Islam is a religion that is a complete system of life. Islam offers complete and comprehensive guidance for believers so that they can spend...

  • 6 Jul, 2019

Benefits of Learning the Holy Quran

Qura has enormous benefits for its readers including spiritual and health befits. The Holy Quran is the book that was revealed hundreds of years ago but...

  • 19 Jul, 2019

How To Memorize (Hifdh) The Holy Quran Quickly

Memorization or “Hifz” of Holy Quran is a dream for every Muslim. Most brothers and sisters fail to do that due to their hectic schedules.

  • 29 Jul, 2019

Benefits of Reading & Learning Of Holy Quran

Indeed, to speculate on Allah’s verses is a form of adoration that will make one close to Allah SWT. This speculation is not a wandering and reckless one.

  • 9 Aug, 2019

Virtues of Reading & Teaching of Holy Quran

To ponder over the verses of Allah is a form of adoration; it is something that will draw us closer to Allah Almighty..

  • 26 Aug,2019

Sacrifice of Imam Hussain (Radhiyallahu Anhu)

Imam Hussain (radhiyallahu anhu), the grandson of hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the prince of peace, who sacrificed his life to save humanity.

  • 31 Aug, 2019

The Rights of the Holy Quran on Muslims

Quran is a sacred book, it is the final message of Allah for the humans. Holy Quran is unparallel in its completeness and teachings.

  • 10 Sep, 2019

Great Blessings & Benefits of Holy Quran

Quran is a source of wisdom and absolute knowledge. Holy Quran is book which has lead mankind from the depth of darkness...

  • 23 Oct, 2019

Purity and Cleanliness in Islam

Islam gives great importance to purity and cleanliness. The most important aspect of good hygiene is cleanliness. According to Islam...

  • 8 Nov, 2019

Best & Easy Way to Learn the Quran

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to understand and learn Quran. Quran is a complete book, which has covered each and every aspect of life...

  • 16 Nov, 2019

What are the Benefits of Learning Quran Online

Islam is a religion of knowledge. Quran is the source of this pure knowledge and wisdom. Holy Quran is the book of light which has lighten up this world...

  • 7 Dec, 2019

Importance of Jummah in Quran and Hadith

very Muslim is well familiar with the importance of Jummah prayer. It is one of the days in the week that unites many Muslims in mosques for offering the Jummah Prayer together.

  • 7 Dec,2019

Importance of Muharram in the Light of Quran

There are many such people and even Muslims, who are not fully aware of the importance of the month of Muharram. This month is not only important because...

  • 7 Dec, 2019

Sources How to Learn the Holy Quran

Apart from many other advantages and uses of internet, the fact is that now Quran can be read, understood, and recited online with the help of Quran online services

  • 7 Dec, 2019

Salat Is the Pathway to Success of a Muslim

Salat is the second pillar of Islam and there is great significance of offering 5 time prayers. We Muslims perform each prayer by facing towards Kabah.

  • 19, Jan 2020

How to Learn Quran From Online Classes

earn Quran online, Quran is the divine book of Muslims, descended upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad by Allah. Quran is a source...

  • 10,May 2020

How To Encourage Children’s To Learn Quran

All the Muslim parents have the responsibility to teach her children the Quran and also teach the values of the Holy Quran as they are able to read.

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